How To Bring Back Past Pressure Washing Customers For Repeat Business and Additional Services

The Answer Is: You Can Bring Back Your Pressure Washing Customers with a Database Reactivation Campaign​

What Is A Pressure Washing Database Reactivation Campaign?

Database Reactivation For Pressure Washing- Clean Marketing Blog

A pressure washing database reactivation campaign is a strategic marketing initiative designed to bring inactive users back to a company’s database. This campaign typically involves a series of texts and/or emails or aimed at re-engaging customers who have not interacted with a company’s products or services for a period of time.

The main objective of the database reactivation campaign is to increase customer retention and sales by encouraging inactive users to resume engaging with the company’s products and services. This can be achieved through a variety of tactics, such as offering special promotions or discounts, providing personalized content, or providing social proof to increase confidence in the company’s services.

One critical aspect of a successful pressure washing database reactivation campaign is segmenting the target audience by their behavior within the company’s database. This includes analyzing whether they have made previous purchases, which products or services they interacted with, and how much time has passed since their last interaction. By segmenting the audience, marketers can create personalized messaging that speaks directly to each group’s interests and needs.

Another vital component of a database reactivation campaign is ensuring that the messaging is consistent across all communication channels. This means utilizing the correct tone of voice, colors, logos, and other branding elements to ensure that the email marketing campaign aligns with the company’s overall branding strategy.

Finally, it’s important to track and analyze the performance of a database reactivation campaign continually. This includes monitoring open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and other metrics to optimize the campaign’s performance and make informed decisions for future marketing initiatives.

Overall, a database reactivation campaign is a powerful marketing tool that can re-engage inactive customers and drive substantial revenue growth. By employing data-driven segmentation, personalized messaging, and robust performance tracking, companies can leverage this strategy to lift conversions and build long-lasting customer relationships.

How Do You Set Up A Pressure Washing Database Reactivation Campaign?

The main things that you need are:

  1. Your customer list including email addresses and cell phone numbers
  2. A platform from which you can send emails and text messages
  3. A worthy offer for the season

So let me explain these 3 points above.  If you have been in business for any length of time you will have a customer list.  This will include jobs you completed, inquiries that never went anywhere and estimates that did not close for one reason or another.

All of these sources are great prospects to send a pressure washing database reactivation campaign to.  You already know they are interested in your service and they own a home or they would not have made contact with your business in the first place.

You will want this list in a spreadsheet, each contact  in its own line and then a few extra columns at the end so that you can segregate the potential clients based on what you know about them.

The more you can segregate the list the more you can customize an offer that these particular segments would be interested in.  For example,  if you have a group of past clients that you did roof washes for recently, this would be a good group to offer a house wash to if you did not already provide that service to them.

Another example would be knowing which prospects that came in through your pressure washing marketing efforts and received quotes but they never closed.  This group in particular would be good to send some type of a mass discount.  maybe something like 10% off their quote If they act within the next 7 days.  you just have to make sure there is an offer and a deadline, the deadline is really important.

What To Use To Send Out Your Campaign

Now, to send out the reactivation campaign you need to be using some type of a marketing platform or Communication Service that offers email marketing and text messages.  We have our favorite that we use for our clients however there are many more out there, feel free to choose one that best fits your business.  you might already even have one if you are using an industry CRM.

When sending them do not send them all at once,  if you do this and you get a great response to your offers you will fall behind on the follow-up and end up losing some of them.  When we do it we’d like to start at about 25 per day.  This gives them time to  read and respond if they want to take you up on the offer and is a manageable number to get back to.

Depending on the level of response you may want to change  the number you are sending out per day. If you find the response is great and you’re having a hard time keeping up, just lower the number going out per day.  and do the same if it is very manageable and you can realistically complete the work you are booking from the campaign and take more, in that case turn it up.

What Offer Do You Send To Your List?

The final consideration is the offer you’re going to send out to the list. Now remember, the offer is going to be the same across the board because you’re going to segment what is going out to who.  The more you customize the offers to the segments the better the response will be overall because of the thought you put into what would be best for which prospect.

We recommend doing database reactivations about four times per year. The main time to do it is at the start of the busy season for your geographic location.  The other next best times would be to work it into slower months where you can provide service but people aren’t exactly looking for exterior cleaning services because of the time of year.

Some examples of Seasonal Services you can use with the list are:

  • Christmas light installation and tear down
  •  gutter cleaning
  •  dryer vent cleaning
  •  spring specials
  •  end of summer maintenance and possibly winterization of patio fixtures
  •  concrete and paver ceiling
  • The possibilities are pretty much endless

Just remember to include the most important part, the deadline to take you up on the offer before it expires.

So I hope that was helpful for you and gives you some ideas of how you can promote your pressure washing or exterior cleaning business during the times of the year when you could be a little busier.

By following these tips, you can run a successful database reactivation campaign that will help you stand out from the competition and dominate your market.

If there’s anything we can do for you to help grow your pressure washing business please complete the form here on our website or call or text us at 570-526-2588

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