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Pressure Washing Google Ads

Pressure Washing Google Ads - Adwords

Pressure washing companies are plentiful throughout the country. With so many businesses vying for customers within the same markets, standing out from the competition can be challenging. It is especially tricky to attract new customers online, where many people search for home exterior cleaning businesses and other essential services. 

However, pressure washing Google Ads campaigns can give your power or pressure washing business the boost it needs to gain online visibility, industry authority, and consumer credibility. At Clean Marketing, we cater to home exterior services and provide unmatched pay-per-click campaigns using power washing Google Ads marketing and years of niche digital marketing experience.

Pressure & Power Washing Google Ads Explained

Google Ads is a pay-per-click, or PPC, marketing platform that helps businesses showcase their web pages and business information across the search engine’s properties. The most common Google Ads advertisement technique is the search ad. When you use this type of ad campaign, your ads will appear on search engine results pages (SERPs) of potential customers who include relevant keywords in their online searches.

Pressure washing Google Ads campaigns help drive qualified traffic to your website and brick-and-mortar business by connecting your company to potential customers. Depending on your business goals, you could experience a boost in several areas, including:

  • Phone calls
  • Website traffic
  • Online form submissions

The Google Ads platform operates on an auction system focusing on keywords. Your choice of keywords helps determine your ad placement on SERPs.

For instance, as the owner of a power or pressure washing business, you may use keywords like “power washing in (your service area)” or “residential pressure washing (your service area).” The auction bid refers to the amount you will pay when someone clicks on your keywords. You can maximize your ad placement by optimizing your Quality Score and bids.

The Google Quality Score is a diagnostic tool operating on a scale of one to ten. It tells you how well your ad quality holds up to others in your industry. The higher the Quality Score, the more relevant and valuable the search engine will deem your landing pages compared to other advertisers.

If you want your pressure washing business to have exceptional online visibility to attract new customers, you need a way for your website and landing pages to reach the right audience. Google Ads campaigns can help you achieve that goal without wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars on advertisements that yield little to no results.

Why Choose Google Ads for Your Pressure Washing Business?

Though television, radio, and newspaper ads are still effective ways to advertise a business, around 85% of consumers rely on the internet to find local businesses. As such, you need an effective digital marketing strategy to generate leads and convert potential clients into guaranteed sales.

Unfortunately, securing online visibility and reaching your business’s target audiences in a competitive industry is an uphill battle for most. Regardless of where you offer pressure washing services, everyone seeking those services uses the same primary keywords. Without effective digital marketing strategies like Google Ads campaigns, your website won’t be at the top of SERPs, which means less visibility.

With Clean Marketing, you can use your niche’s primary keywords. We utilize superior customer research methods to learn how consumers search for home exterior cleaning services and apply that knowledge to PPC campaigns. Our specialized
pressure washing marketing skills and PPC strategies can help you reach the right clientele within your service area.

We offer the following as part of our pressure washing Google Ads services:

  • Intelligent bidding: Since we are a data-driven company, we use multiple analytics to determine the best prices for keyword bids for campaign optimization.
  • Audience targeting: There is no point in creating a Google Ads campaign for everyone. We improve your chances of gaining online visibility by targeting and retargeting web traffic to generate qualified leads.
  • Keyword research: A successful Google Ads campaign for pressure washing companies depends on utilizing the right keywords. That’s why our digital marketing specialists dedicate themselves to researching industry, negative, and competitor keywords.

You can enjoy several benefits with our skills and years of Google Ads experience.

Reduced Costs

Google Ads isn’t as expensive as you might think. It’s a pay-per-click advertising platform, so you only pay for the ad when someone clicks on it. The platform also has a low cost of entry, so you can begin advertising your pressure washing business with local audiences with a modest budget. Over time, you can scale your marketing to accommodate a growing business and budget. With Google Ads, the risk of taking a large marketing loss is low, especially when you work with our experienced professionals at Clean Marketing.

Catch Up with the Competition

Home exterior cleaning is a saturated market, so it can be tough getting people to find your business online among the many available companies within your service areas. However, running campaigns through Google Ads helps you catch up with the competition, if not exceed it altogether. Your bid price is one way to level the playing field, but you can stand above your competitors if you have high ad Quality Scores.

Boost Your Business's Visibility Online

If you’re experiencing a slump in business due to competition or a lack of off-season jobs, you can quickly gain business through a carefully cultivated Google Ads campaign. While our Clean Marketing team offers search engine optimization (SEO) to generate organic growth, SEO is a slower process that pays off over time.

However, Google Ads is more instantaneous than SEO. After running your advertisement campaign for a few weeks, you can experience a quick turnaround in your business and get plenty of phone calls and online requests for quotes and estimates.

Grow Your Business Using Data-Driven Analytics

Utilizing Google Ads for your pressure washing business requires knowing how to use data to cultivate the best advertisements for your services. We don’t create marketing campaigns without conducting research in advance. Our team also doesn’t ignore analytics.

At Clean Marketing, we know how to analyze data from Google Ads campaigns using small tests to determine what does and doesn’t work. That way, we can scale your ads and optimize them for your specific business within your market.

Boost Pressure Washing Company Growth with Clean Marketing via PPC Campaigns

You don’t have to spend big on Google Ads to propel your pressure washing business to the front of the line of home exterior cleaning providers in your area. Successful pressure washing Google Ads campaigns combine bids and Quality Scores to promote the business. Google only puts relevant ads in front of users.

The factors affecting your Quality Score include the following:

  • Whether your ad is relevant to the user’s search
  • If your landing page pertains to the search
  • How the user’s keyword in their search relates to your ad
  • Your account’s historical performance
  • The ad’s clickthrough rate performance history

When you get a high Quality Score, you’ll receive a greater return on investment because Google will drop your cost per click. The reduced cost will save you money on marketing without negatively impacting your ability to generate sales leads. Your ads will also get better positions on SERPs and show up more frequently, increasing the likelihood of reaching target audiences.

Setting Up a Google Adwords Campaign for Your Business

When you’re ready to set up your business’s Google Ads campaign, you can be confident that our lead generation specialists will help your ads become more visible on Google’s SERPs to promote business growth. Our mission is to improve your pressure washing company’s bottom line, which we can do by using our intricate knowledge of digital marketing and Google Ads to create and maintain an effective ad campaign.

Our team uses several essential aspects of successful PPC advertisements to craft the perfect ads for pressure washing businesses.


Keywords are the backbone of Google Ads. Since our experts at Clean Marketing deal with home exterior cleaning businesses, we know how to test hundreds of keywords to learn which are best for conversions in this industry. Our ability to narrow down essential keywords for power and pressure washing companies allows us to provide exceptional results without causing you to waste money on campaigns that go nowhere.

It’s best to focus on keywords with a high clickthrough rate, which shows the frequency at which people see your Google ad and click on it. Keywords fall into three categories:

  • Broad match: Your ad will show for related, relevant, and misspelled keywords.
  • Phrase match: Your ad will only display on SERPs when a person’s search contains the exact phrase or a similar variation.
  • Exact match: Your ad will display when someone’s search matches your keyword.

Negative Keywords

A negative keyword in Google Ads is any phrase or word you want to exclude from search terms to ensure the ad campaign prioritizes keywords that matter to your target demographic. You should utilize negative keywords to ensure you only have to pay for clicks from customers that want your pressure washing services.

Conversions and Leads

Leads and conversions are any actions a potential customer takes online that you deem valuable. For instance, you may run a Google Ads campaign to generate more phone calls to your physical business or get more emails and online requests.

We can use conversion tracking in Google Ads to keep track of all the leads your campaign generates. This is valuable information because the number of leads your ad campaign accrues tells our digital marketing professionals how well your ads perform. We also track other analytics to ensure you don’t pay too much for a conversion.

Landing Pages

A common issue businesses have when setting up Google Ads campaigns is where users will go when they click the ad. For many companies, the ad will take the potential customer directly to their website’s homepage. However, it’s best to create custom landing pages for every ad to encourage conversions.

A landing page is a well-designed web page with additional details relevant to your ad. It also contains a clear call to action. At Clean Marketing, we can create attractive landing pages for your pressure washing ads and any other exterior cleaning services you offer using these three essential landing page features:

  • An eyecatching headline
  • Relevant images
  • Engaging and persuasive ad copy with a call to action
Typical Pressure Washing Lead Expenses

The amount you would pay for your pressure washing Google Ads campaign may differ from another company’s bid price. Your exact cost-per-lead will depend on several factors, including:

  • The time of year
  • Company guarantees
  • The landing page
  • Cost per click
  • Special offers

Conversion rates can range from 15% to 25%. If your conversion rate is 15%, you could expect to generate 15 leads for every 100 ad clicks.

Google Pressure Washing Campaign Pricing: Find Out!

The amount you choose for your Google Ads campaign will depend on your marketing budget. Google allows advertisers to set their monthly budget cap, which they can adjust anytime.

However, when you choose our experts at Clean Marketing as your go-to PPC management provider, we will learn as much as possible about your business, available services, and ideal customer profile to create a laser-focused ad campaign that aligns with your marketing budget.

You’ll receive weekly campaign insights and analytics. Our team will go above and beyond to ensure you maximize your leads through our optimized pressure washing Google Ads service. 

Optimize Google Ads with Clean Marketing: Maximize Pressure Washing Results

Why spend precious time learning the ins and outs of pressure washing Google Ads when you can rely on our experts at Clean Marketing? Our digital marketing company specializes in helping home exterior cleaning companies reach new heights and expand their business by using time-tested and data-driven marketing tactics to reach potential customers and generate leads.

It doesn’t matter if your company offers gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, or power washing. Our digital marketing specialists provide unmatched marketing services for pressure washing companies. From attractive website design to pressure washing Google Ads campaigns, we have the expertise to help you exceed your business goals.

Contact us at Clean Marketing today at (570) 356-4772 to schedule your consultation.