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As the owner of a pressure washing business, you need marketing strategies that yield excellent results. How else can you make a splash in the industry? Even within a local context, your pressure washing company needs to stand out from competitors.

At Clean Marketing, our team specializes in developing marketing solutions for power washing companies. We start by implementing a pressure washing SEO strategy that searches well and ranks highly in popular search engines. Our tactics earn the attention of potential customers already seeking your services.

What exactly is an SEO strategy? SEO stands for search engine optimization; it refers to the way a search engine ranks keywords within a website’s content.

For example, we would use terms like “power washing in (your location)” or “pressure washing services near me” to inform our strategy. An effective SEO strategy utilizes these terms to draw search engine users to a business’s website. When your website properly implements the appropriate keywords, more internet searchers will come across your page as they search for pressure washing services.

Customized Pressure Washing SEO Plan & Execution

So, what does an SEO strategy do? We go over this information in depth during a free consultation with each client. But to give you a general idea, a well-developed SEO strategy does the following for your pressure washing business:

  • Uses local search terms to attract interaction and conversion of searchers near you
  • Helps your website and related links rank higher on search page results
  • Increases your brand’s visibility

Converts those link clicks and read-throughs into more customers and increased profits

Many business owners make the mistake of publishing an unoptimized website. When the number of customers and profits don’t increase, they wonder why they even put forth the effort. Without a personalized SEO strategy, those efforts are in vain. You can have a visually appealing website that links to carefully built social media profiles. If you don’t understand how your target audience searches, you’ll completely miss out on internet conversions. With our Clean Marketing team at the helm, you’ll enjoy the fruits of your efforts with increased visibility.

What Does Power Washing SEO Encompass?

  1. A successful power washing SEO strategy requires a proactive approach from all angles. When we execute the strategy, we ask the following questions to inform our approach:
  • How well does your website perform on all devices? Search engines provide lower rankings to websites that lag or don’t translate well onto mobile devices.
  • Where are you located? Your location tells us a lot about how locals search for businesses, what terms they’ll use, and your biggest competitors.
  • How is your website’s content currently written? We’ll check the phrases, words, and tags for clues about how they contribute to your site’s current performance.
  • What do your website metrics look like? Your metrics tell a story. They’ll indicate whether visitors come from search engines or backlinks. They’ll also show us how visitors interact with your page.
  • Do other marketing elements perform better than your website? If you have social media profiles with better performance than your website, we’ll check to see why they’re more effective.

As you can see from the list above, an SEO strategy requires a multifaceted approach.

While it focuses on helping your website rank with better content, other marketing areas heavily influence how we create it. The way a business uses SEO keywords can determine its long-term survival. Your strategy can make or break your likelihood of success.

Boost Business Success with an Effective SEO Strategy

How can a few words make such a big difference? We collected a few facts and statistics to put it all into perspective. The most used and preferred search engine is Google.

Users input more than 40,000 searches every second. That translates into nearly four billion searches every day. As the most used search engine, Google prioritizes certain ranking factors to improve a user’s search results.

Some of those factors include:

  • Mobile optimization
  • Whether website content relates to certain search terms
  • Keyword optimization
  • User experience while navigating your website

How do these factors affect your ranking? Nearly 60% of searchers use a mobile device, while less than 40% use a desktop.

Mobile performance plays an increasingly important role because mobile searches influence how people search for businesses. Before mobile searches dominated the SEO arena, many searchers used short-tail keywords to find desirable results. Additionally, they were less likely to use online information to inform their purchasing process.

Now that mobile devices come equipped with speedy internet connections and computer-like functions, searchers can conveniently seek businesses locally, research the brand’s products or services, and make decisions based on the information in the palm of their hands. In fact, searchers who had a bad mobile experience are 60% less likely to purchase services from a business.

On the other hand, up to 70% of smartphone users make a purchase from a business after learning more about the brand on their device. Combine that statistic with the fact that 53% of any given website’s traffic comes from organic, unpaid searches, and you can see why a strong pressure washing SEO strategy should be your top priority.

SEO Progress: Our Methodology

If you feel overwhelmed by the technical tasks required to implement good SEO, you can relax. You’ve come to the right place.

At Clean Marketing, we focus on helping pressure washing businesses rank well and achieve conversions. We have the necessary experience, software, and skill to help your business flourish locally.

While we develop custom SEO strategies for our clients, we follow a basic blueprint. This outline provides a strong foundation for growth and success. This six-step process allows us to get to know you, identify your pain points, and build on your strengths by showing potential customers that the best pressure washing services are just a click away

Free Consultation

The process begins with a consultation. Once you contact us, we’ll talk with you about your business, your current situation, and your goals. We’ll also provide directives about how we can approach your custom SEO strategy.

This free consultation helps us define a clear path to reach your goals.

Improve Performance

Your website’s performance plays a key role in how well it ranks on search engines. We’ll troubleshoot, identify, and correct anything that negatively impacts your rank. Our team commonly catches the following obstacles:

  • Pages loading slowly
  • Insecure domains
  • Outdated site hosts and software
  • Broken links and unresponsive buttons
  • Pages that don’t load correctly on a mobile device
  • Small fonts

If your website demonstrates one or a combination of these issues, Google will kick it further down the results list. Competitors in your area who resolve these problems rank higher and subsequently earn more clicks and customers.

Research Keywords

Once we fully optimize your website, we’ll research commonly used keywords related to pressure washing or power washing in your locality. You’ll identify your business’s specific details and offerings, including:

  • The city, county, and state you service
  • The types of pressure washing services you offer (i.e., pavement and patio services or vinyl siding services)

This information influences the rest of the strategy. We’ll divide these keywords into groups that reference general search terms related to pressure washing, service-specific keywords, and your location. Then, we’ll use those terms to rewrite your website’s content page by page.

Optimize Website SEO

Each individual webpage offers an opportunity to rank higher and attract more interaction for searchers. However, many pressure washing business owners don’t fully build out their separate pages. We’ve encountered business websites that only include the home page.

However, your home page isn’t enough to draw interest. Search engines need as much information as possible to properly index your website. Otherwise, you lose rank.

Below, you’ll find some examples of website elements we’ll develop or build upon:

  • Home page: Your home page should advertise what you do, where you do it, and who you are as a brand. It introduces your business in a way that people and search engines can follow.
  • Individual service pages: Many business owners make the mistake of pushing more than one service onto a service page. However, each service should have its own service page that includes a relevant, keyword-rich copy.
  • Meta descriptions: When your website preview appears in a search, the meta description provides the first glimpse of the page. We generate a readable, keywordrich meta description.
  • Title tags: Searchers click on the title tag when it appears in their search results. It links to the website and offers a first glimpse of your business.
  • URLs: Ideally, each URL should contain the business name, a short-tail keyword
    related to the page’s content, and the location.
  • ALT Text: When you display media on a webpage, the ALT text describes that media.
    For example, a video or photo will have ALT text to describe the content to the search

Local Optimization

While search engines allow consumers to broaden their product searches on a global scale, they also help local residents find relevant services nearby. About 97% of searchers will use a search engine to find a local business. In fact, your business’s profile might show up on the following directories and apps when searched locally:

  • Google Maps
  • Google Business Profile
  • Bing Places for Business
  • Yahoo Business Listings
  • Yelp

If any of these profiles don’t reflect accurate information or receive regular updates,
major search engines will place your website lower in their search results. By updating
these profiles, you ensure local searchers know exactly who to call when they need
your pressure washing services. Plus, they can conveniently call you from the search
results page with apps like Google Maps and Google Business.

We’ll add your business name along with your current address, phone number, and
other pertinent contact information to each of these directories. We’ll also make this
information visible on each of your website’s landing pages to encourage action from

External Optimization

If a website mentions your pressure washing business, it’s a great opportunity to backlink. Backlinking earns your brand big points with search engines, but you can’t backlink to any old website.

That’s where external optimization comes in. We’ll identify websites that publish trusted, relevant content like:

  • Home improvement authorities
  • Renovation experts
  • Landscape and outdoor project blogs

External optimization builds your reputation while ranking you higher with each search.

Other Important Factors

We often recommend our clients build a social media presence. If you don’t already have a social media profile for your pressure washing business, we can help you choose the right platform for your industry and region. Social media platforms don’t have immediate influence over how well your website ranks.

However, they do significantly increase brand awareness while encouraging followers
to interact with your company. Other social media users can help your business by:

  • Leaving reviews
  • Sharing your posts
  • Engaging with your posts through reactions and comments, which increases visibility

By implementing an effective social media strategy, you’ll also take a proactive approach to future marketing endeavors.

Search engines could eventually use social media presence to determine a business’s rank. If you curate a strong, positive social media presence, you’ll have an edge over your competition.

Anticipating Outcome Timelines

Your results depend on how deeply you delve into an SEO campaign with us. A few of our clients might see favorable results within the first month of a campaign. However, such speedy results are an exception.

More often than not, we see results within six months of starting the campaign. Search engines need time to crawl through the new content, rank it properly, and update their search results. The amount of time it takes also depends on the following factors:

  • How much local competition you have
  • Whether your competition already implemented a strong SEO strategy
  • Whether a search engine penalized you for previous content

Outshine Your Competitors with Clean Marketing's Pressure Washing SEO

The sooner you implement an intuitive, forward-thinking SEO strategy, the better and more consistent your results will be. At Clean Marketing, our team specializes in developing pressure washing SEO strategies that work. Call us at 570-356-4772 to schedule a free consultation.