Unleash the Potential of Facebook Ads to Drive More Customers to Your Pressure Washing Business

Pressure Washing Facebook Ads

The Power Of Using Facebook To Find Pressure Washing Customers Is Real – In This Article We Review The Pros, Cons AND Compare To Using Google Ads


Use Facebook Ads To Drive More Customers To Pressure Washing BusinesssBuilding a consistent flow of pre-qualified residential pressure washing marketing leads can be a daunting task, especially if your business relies heavily on traditional marketing and advertising methods. Fortunately, there is a much more effective strategy to generate qualified leads: using social media ads, particularly Facebook Ads.


In addition to targeting potential customers through their interests and lifestyles, businesses should also focus on highlighting the benefits of pressure washing services over their competitors. Consumers are more likely to engage with services that provide added value or demonstrate superior results—such as improved curb appeal or better sanitation—through compelling visuals or informative copywriting.

Ultimately, pressure washing businesses can use social media advertising to maximize lead generation efforts through targeted campaigns that focus on particular audiences and emphasize the unique benefits of their services. By leveraging Meta Ads’ powerful features, businesses can reach greater numbers of potential customers while also minimizing costs associated with other forms of lead acquisition.



Do Pressure Washing Facebook Ads Work?

Absolutely! But creating effective ads for pressure washing requires a bit more strategy, creative flair and research. Different ad formats, messaging and visuals can all influence how successful your campaigns are on social media.

Getting started is relatively simple but there are some key components to consider when crafting high-performing pressure washing ads on Facebook.

Firstly, the core message of your ad should be straightforward, concise and relevant to people’s needs. It’s also important to include a strong visual element to grab attention – this could be anything from a video of your team in action or an image of sparkling clean results.

Additionally, you should always ensure that your target audience is as specific as possible by using the right demographics such as location, age, gender and interests. This will help ensure that you reach the right people with the right message at the right time. 

Ultimately, running successful Facebook Ads for pressure washing requires a combination of planning, testing and optimization. With the right strategies in place you can reach new customers quickly and cost-effectively – leaving them with spotless results!

How Do Facebook Ads for Pressure Washing Work?

Since the majority of users on Facebook or Instagram are not actively looking for your pressure washing services, it can be tricky to capture buyer intent. 

Buyer Intent (or Purchase Intent): The probability of how close a consumer is to completing a purchase of a product or service.

To target potential buyers more effectively, Meta leverages user data and social interactions with its advanced algorithm. This algorithm has been so successful that it has caused some privacy issues due to the amount of data collected about users just from them interacting on the site. 

Nevertheless, Instagram and Facebook Ads for pressure washing are one of the most cost-effective ways to generate new residential business leads. It should be noted that commercial pressure washing marketing leads are best acquired through Google Ads/PPC or directly emailing the people in charge of the target properties.

How Much Do Pressure Washing Leads Cost on Social Media?

The short answer: It depends, but $15-$40 per lead is a good target. We recommend a daily budget between $25-50 (roughly $750-$1500/month). The primary factor that determines your CPA (cost-per-acquisition) is your cost-per-impression (CPI). Factors that can impact your CPI include:

Target Audience Size: The larger your target service area the cheaper the leads will be. We subject a minimum of 300k people 35+ to create an effective audience.

Competition: If you’re in a saturated market such as pressure washing, you can expect a higher CPC (cost-per-click).

Target Services: Services such as concrete and driveway cleaning tend to have a lower conversion rate compared to the standard exterior house washing project. 


Additionally, some businesses may also offer specialty services such as moss removal or soft washing. These services may command higher prices, however they typically cost more to acquire leads due to competition and lower conversion rates.

Comparison: How do Facebook ads versus Pressure Washing Google ads matchup against each other?  we’re going to cover this next.

There are so many different places to spend your money today on Advertising your pressure washing business so one of the questions that we are sure you’re asking is where should you put your money when it comes to paid advertising?

 The two major places people look in the pressure washing industry are Facebook and Google.  if you can afford it I say you should run both.  but if you can’t here are the pros and cons from a professional to help you make a decision on which is best for your business.

On Facebook you will find that you will get the lowest cost per lead. But, While the  leads will turn into some big jobs you are going to have to put your sales pants on and be a consultant.  on Facebook people are not there looking for pressure washing or exterior cleaning services.  They are there posting pictures of the kids, showing the world what’s going on according to them and minding their neighbors business. 

 but through the magic of targeting Facebook is able to put your ad in front of the proper demographic that somehow showed the algorithm that they would be interested in the services that you are promoting.

I’d be willing to bet that you’ve had the experience where you were talking about something within earshot of your phone and then the next time you went on to Facebook you saw an ad for exactly what you were talking about… 


Facebook denies that their  app listens to you but the evidence is undeniable.  I’ve personally had some very strange and funny conversations I had with some people then turn around and become ads right before my eyes, some crazy stuff for sure.

So now, Google ads  for pressure washing –  why would you want to use them over Facebook ads.  Here are the pros and cons:

For one, The cost per lead with pressure washing google ads will definitely be higher than with Facebook –  however,  the leads will be closer to a sale from the get-go.  This is purely because of buyer intent,  they knew what they wanted,  they searched for it and all they needed to find was who or what company was going to do it for them.  Now you still can’t treat it like ordering a Big Mac at McDonald’s,  but it will be an easier sale that is further along in the buying cycle than a Facebook ad.

The next  difference is that you will need a landing page designed just for the campaign. ( that is unless you’re going to do a call only campaign,  but that is for another article).  the landing page will  need to be very specific, it will need to match the keyword they search for, then the ad will need to match and the  landing page will need to match all of it.  If any of those do not match the buyer will get there and there is a chance they are going to feel like they are in the wrong place and they will leave. 

So now you need to decide what you’re going to do –  do it yourself or hire a professional agency to handle it for you.

While it can seem complicated, we’ve talked to many contractors that built their own campaigns and have done so successfully.  but if time is at a premium for you, just hire an agency that you’ve spoken to and feel like you can trust.  For what they charge it’s really not worth the time and education to keep up with all the changes Google throws out there to run a successful campaign when you could be putting all that time into the daily operations and systemizing of your own business. 

This Is Exactly Where Clean Marketing Comes In

We are professional exterior cleaning marketers, we can have your entire campaign, landing pages and all set up and ready to go in a few as three to four business days. and I also have to mention that we are not a general agency, we don’t work for businesses outside of home exterior cleaning and have built thousands of campaigns over the years. 

We also do Pressure Washing SEO in addition to all of our other services.

So if you’re interested in learning more reach out to us as soon as possible as we do limit how many contractors we will put in a given Market.  Every Market is a little different because of the population, but the point does come where we don’t take anyone else…

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